John 14:18 "I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you."


The Midnight Hour Christian Camp & Orphanage Home in Nigeria is an independent, indigenous non-governmental organization (NGO) started in 2010. The land was acquired and development started with the hope of opening up to children in 2012-2013 depending on support received. The first location is at Lokpanta Abia State on a 2.2 acres of land with plans to expand for agriculture and educational purposes. The goal is to provide a place of hope to destitute and orphaned children, as well as provide training programmes to poor widows. By ensuring a safe place for disadvantaged children and training for widows we can be of great support and assistance to surrounding communities. Training in preventive health measures such as CPR and weight control will be made available to the surrounding communities. This training will be available during open camp meetings and seminars. We plan to make available the most recent information concerning diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

This facility is under construction as seen in the photos section of this website; thanks to the well meaning individuals who have helped to start this project. We still have a long way to go to make it habitable for these less priviledged children. We are still counting on loving and compassionate people to help make the dream of completing the constuction of the orphanage come through. This provides a place where the children can call a "Home".

Our Vision

To provide opportunities for children that are disadvantaged due to no fault of their own such as death of parents or poverty.

Our Mission

To give or restore faith, hope, and love to these vulnerable members of society through meeting their basic human needs, food, shelter, education, health, and spiritual hope.

Our Values

Respect, integrity, love, compassion, justice, accountability, commitment, faith, and teamwork will be taught and practiced.

Our Process

Primarily to provide security both physically and emotionally to orphaned children in terms of housing, feeding, clothing, health, education, values and skills that will enable them secure employment or start small businesses in life; Assist surrounding communities in improving their standard of living through equipping them with important economic, health, social and educational information; Preventive medicine, good water supply and sound agricultural principles will be made a focal point in improving rural communities. Counseling services will be made available to the communities and the orphanages in a wide variety of issues; Collaboration with helpful agencies when and where necessary.